Philosophy of care

  • The aim of NIAGARA LODGE is to provide supported medium term accommodation for recovering alcohol and other drug dependent male persons in a semi protected environment and through our structured program designed to empower each client to become self dependent.
  • We believe in helping people break their negative attachment to the environment from which they have established their former lifestyle by discovering new friendships, new coping mechanisms and new support networks.
  • The people that we cater for frequently need support and guidance when trying to establish close and normal relationships with their families, in these circumstances group homes can provide support and counseling in a
    family home atmosphere in which they can begin to get to know each other.
  • Long separation is common between these people because of prolonged drug and alcohol abuse and jail terms, therefore we need to foster a supportive and receptive atmosphere geared toward reconciliation.
  • Recovering people find it difficult to socialise when sober and also find it difficult to mix with members of the community whether addicts or non-addicts. Almost all these people lack self esteem and self confidence and in addition suffer guilt regarding their actions and attitudes while using.
  • We feel that to assimilate clients back into the community and the workforce we should encourage each of them to establish proper eating, sleeping, and exercise routines so they are capable of physically coping with the stresses of their new substance free lifestyles.
  • One of our main objectives is to continue to liaise with private and government departments, who understand the needs of our clients, so that we can constantly resource the services available which contribute to the enhancement of each client, additionally to meet these objectives we maintain and encourage a good and knowledgeable working relationship between the clients and the management committee, which enables us, to address issues, concerns and requested activities as they arise.
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